MMU Professor, Prof. Dr. Ong Duu Sheng was invited as a trainer at the International Deans’ Course Southeast Asia (SEA) 2018 in Osnabrück and Berlin, Germany. Prof. Ong shared his insight and trained Deans, Deputy Deans and Head of Departments from Southeast Asian universities from June 25th until July 6th 2018. The International Deans’ Course or known as IDC, commenced since 2007 by DAAK, HRK and other partners in Africa, Southeast Asian and Latin America.

The IDS 2018 consisted of three parts of workshops; whereby he facilitated the first workshop of IDC with Asian and German experts in guiding and preparing the participants to face the challenge in a changing higher education landscape. The participants also received exposure on several issues regarding faculty management, higher education governance, financial management, change management, quality assurance and leadership. The other workshop will be in Manila, Philippines and the final workshop will be in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Let’s congratulate Prof. Ong for his tremendous effort in bringing MMU’s name to the international arena.