Micro-Credentials @ Multimedia University (MMU)


MQA Definition of A Micro-credential

A digital certification of assessed knowledge, skills and competencies in a specific or narrow area of study and/or practice.


What is Micro-Credential?

The economy demands continual lifelong and life-wide learning of all adults to remain employable, adaptable, and productive. Now more than ever, the job market has an urgency for Micro-Credentials – these short learning chunks focus on specific professional skill sets to ensure that the qualification earned will meet industry-specific needs, and is relevant and recognised by future employers. The micro-credential could either be a component of an accredited programme or a stand-alone course that supports the professional, technical, and personal development of the learners. When completed, the micro-credential will provide learners with a digital certification or a ‘digital badge’.

Types of Micro-Credentials

There are two types of Micro-Credentials that can be executed.

Micro-Credentials from unbundling of accredited programmes of HEP

– Same module
– Same title
– Same / equivalent assessments
– Same credits

Stand-Alone Micro-Credentials

– As necessary or needed by the target group
– Can be creative but always reflective of content & outcomes
– Maximum design autonomy
– No formal credits assigned but learning hours are stated


What is Digital Badge?

Digital badge is a digital file – a visual representation of knowledge and skills earned over time, creating a more streamlined process for evaluating an individual’s competencies.

Digital badge is a recognition of knowledge, skill, achievement, competency and proficiency.

For Multimedia University’s Micro-credentials, this digital credential is securely issued via ACCREDIBLE and the information is valid.  

Types of Micro-Credentials @ MMU

There are two types of Micro-Credentials @ MMU.

Multimedia University
Stackable Credit-bearing Micro-credentials

Academic Programme Completion through Micro-credential


Multimedia University
Stackable Credit-bearing Micro-credentials + APEL C Application

Academic Programme Completion through Micro-credential
APEL C (Credit Transfer of Prior Learning)



Micro-Credentials @ MMU Programmes


Master of Business Administration (MBA)


The Synopsis of Each Micro-credential (Pdf)


Master of Engineering in Telecommunications

Master of Engineering in Microelectronics

Master of Computer Science (Software Engineering)

Coming soon

Master of Digital Learning

Coming soon

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