Government Liaison and Industry Engagement

MMU has long made a way of life of welcoming with open arms any institution and organization keen to collaborate with us. Whether they’re from academia, the government, or industry, MMU is always eager to explore new ways of entering mutually-beneficial arrangements, especially when it involves innovating new methods, services and/or knowledge.

By being involved in innovation on so many fronts, MMU hopes to benefit its ultimate stakeholders and its students. Being innovators lead MMU academics into becoming better lecturers, not just at their respective subjects, but in teaching the students on how to become innovators themselves. We have found that students who innovate not only master their subjects better, but also mature faster and tend to better acquire invaluable soft skills.

This is how MMU has come to collaborate with some of the biggest names of the global industry, a veritable who’s who of the world, including ZTE, Nokia, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco and Motorola. Our work with them ensure that our students will become a new generation of innovators, regardless of how challenging the industry becomes.