Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship has quickly become the centre of economic progress to help facilitate and improve the country’s economic landscape. In line with that, the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia has launched the Institutes of Higher Learning Entrepreneurship Action Plan 2016-2020 in transforming Malaysia as an “Entrepreneurial Nation”.

It is with this vision and in line with the vision of MMU 3.0 i-University that the Research Management Centre (RMC), Technology Transfer Office (TTO), Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC), units under the MMU Research & Innovation Division was established and mandated to inculcate the research, innovation and entrepreneurial culture amongst MMU students and staff.


    • RMC serves as a depository and management centre for research grant and as information centre for statistics related to the R&I activities in MMU. The centre also plays a key role in:
    • • Facilitating and supporting research activities.
    • • Managing and monitoring utilisation of research funding.
    • • Processing internal and external funding applications.
    • • Organizing research and seminar workshops.
      The primary aim of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is to implant and nurture the culture of innovation and commercialisation of research among MMU staff and students. It is also committed to inculcate effective and ethical research culture through building research innovation collaboration, capacity and capability in the university. We are now enhancing support for technology transfer matters by strengthening our functions and realigning the centre as follows:
    • •Public Disclosure
    • •Intellectual Property Protection
    • •Intellectual Property Management
    • •Access New Knowledge & Expertise Through Research / Final Year Projects
    • •Intangible Technology Transfer
    • •Technology Readiness Level / Social Readiness Level
    • •IP Business Opportunities
    • •IP Valuation for MMU Products/Technologies
    • •IP Commercialisation (IP Licensing, Know-How Licensing, Outright Sale, etc.)
    • •IP Marketing (IP Mall, etc.)
    • •Research Ethics
    • In 2017, MMU raised RM50,000 to become the finalist of the Most Entrepreneurial Private University in the MOHE Entrepreneurial Awards (MEA) 2016. The centre is also working towards completing the InnoLab hub which is the centre of entrepreneurship for our entrepreneurs to stay committed towards becoming an entrepreneurial university and continuing to generate our country’s iconic entrepreneurship. The EDC also initiates:
    • • Awareness and education programmes to enhance appreciation of entrepreneurship within MMU.
    • • Entrepreneur development programmes, work space and support services for start-ups and stage funding for MMU start-ups and spin-offs.
    • • Partnerships with players within the broader entrepreneurship network in Malaysia.
    • • MMU community initiatives through early-stage funding; MMU Start-up Scheme and MMU Spin-Off Scheme.