On 2 May 2024, 20 students from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) embarked on an enlightening industrial visit to Fourier Intelligence Sdn. Bhd., located in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur. Facilitated by the Industrial Linkage Committee (ILC) of the faculty, the visit commenced with an engaging industrial talk led by Dr. Leong Chen Onn, Senior Manager, and Mr. Lam Jiang Kai, Senior Service Engineer at Fourier Intelligence. The session, titled “Future Prospects of Engineers in Healthcare,” shed light on the burgeoning job opportunities in Healthcare Engineering and emphasised the essential skills necessary to remain competitive in multiple industries. 

Following the informative talk, the session transitioned into an exploration of product and technology, accompanied by hands-on activities. Both of the speakers introduced and demonstrated two rehabilitation machines: the Exomotus M4 and the Armmotus EMU, both integral to the field of physical therapy. Students gained insights into robotic mechanisms, including actuator design and control, as well as the intricacies of human body movement (Degree of Freedom). Additionally, they learned how these machines undergo testing on human subjects to assess their efficacy in aiding body movements. It is anticipated that this industrial visit will provide a gateway for students to delve deeper into the realm of healthcare engineering.