Multimedia University (MUBS) has partnered with the Small and Medium Enterprises Association Malaysia (SAMENTA) to organize the Sustainability Talk: ESG Implementation in SME, a transformative event aimed at bridging the gap between theory and practice recently. Featuring industry experts Dr. John Loh, Director of Operations & Sustainability at EPC Sdn. Bhd, and Dr. Flora Anthonysamy, Director of Training and Compliance at Expat Management Pit, the talk delivered invaluable insights into sustainable business practices to the audience. 

Beyond imparting real-time knowledge to MMU students, this workshop serves as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue between corporate entities and the university, paving the way for a sustainable internship ecosystem. By facilitating discussions on internship opportunities with SAMENTA-affiliated businesses, MUBS is actively fostering connections that will benefit both students and businesses alike. This collaboration between MUBS and SAMENTA holds the promise of significant positive impacts, serving as the spark to ignite a fire of collaboration that will shape a greener, more sustainable future. 

Well done!