On 3 May 2024, a group of 32 Diploma in Accounting students from the Faculty of Business (FOB) attended an Industrial Talk titled “What’s Next for You? – Learning to Soar for Success”. This enlightening session was led by Mr. Rozahi Roslan, a seasoned professional specialising in accounting, auditing, and taxation, who shared his wealth of knowledge and experience. His business partners namely Ms. Fadhlina Saad and Ms. Marziani Rashid also shared their experiences with the students. 

As the founder of Rozahi Roslan & Associates (RRA) and RTMA & Associates PLT, Mr. Rozahi holds titles as a Chartered Tax Practitioner and an approved Cooperative Auditor, showcasing his extensive expertise in the field. The talk provided invaluable insights into the diverse career paths available to accounting students post-graduation. The speaker also shared his personal journey, detailing the challenges he faced and the successes he achieved in establishing his own accounting firm. 

  Despite starting with Diploma studies, his perseverance led him to complete his master’s degree ad obtain various professional qualifications. He emphasised the importance of perseverance, a positive attitude, and patience in building a successful career in accounting, highlighting that success takes time. The session concluded with an engaging Q&A session, allowing the attendees to further delve into the topic discussed. The knowledge gained from this session will undoubtedly assist students in preparing early for their entry into the workforce upon graduation. 

Organised by Ms. Siow Yung Ern and Dr. Subhachini Subramaniam, the session was officiated by Mdm. Fathiah Hashim, the programme coordinator for the Diploma in Accounting programme, and Mdm Siti Zarifah, the assistance programme coordinator. The event was also co-organised by students namely Jasmine Ha Xin Yi, Bong Hui Wen and Tan Jing En.