Tc. Mohd Hanafi Mahamud, an administration staff member from the Faculty of Business (FOB) has been appointed to serve as a Panel Penilaian Dan Verifikasi (PPV) or Assessment and Verification Panel member for the Sistem Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia (SPKM) at Tawau Vocational College, Sabah on 13 and 14 June 2023. This appointment falls under the Department of Skills Development (JPK), which operates under the Ministry of Human Resources.

In his role as an External Examiner Panel member, Tc. Mohd Hanafi Mahamud will have the responsibility of assessing the final theory examination and final practical examination. The primary focus of the evaluation will be on the practical work completed by all the candidates participating in the assessment. Specifically, this assessment pertains to the field of Computer Network Services Level 3 (IT-030-3:2013). Upon successful completion of the assessment, the 19 students enrolled in this program will be eligible to receive the Malaysian Skills Certificate (Level 3) awarded by the Department of Skills Development (JPK).

It is worth noting that the 2023 Final Examination encompasses a significant number of participants from various fields across Malaysia. A total of 87 Vocational Colleges, falling under the Vocational and Technical Education Division (BPLTV) of the Ministry of Education Malaysia, will be partaking in this examination. A staggering count of 15,756 candidates from these diverse fields will be involved in the examination process.