A total of 56 students from the Faculty of Applied Communication (FAC) went to IPG Media Brands in Petaling Jaya for a company visit. The visit aimed to expose the students to the company and its advertising world. The students were introduced to Kagee, the Managing Director as for the first moderator. Her talk was about the company: about what it does, who are the clients, how many staff, and how the advertising company has changed throughout the times as technology moves forward.

Next, the students were introduced to Stanley from the Social Media team or Digital Division. He shared his job responsibility in terms of what he does and how he helps his clients to get what they want in advertising and boosting sales. He also elaborated about “How to Create Content” and a few other terms such as “time-based marketing” and “to see two sides of the coin”. The informative talk was very useful and has sparked some interest in the students to be in the advertising company. All in all, the visit was a success, and it is hoped that more future collaborations will take place with the company.