Presenting Diverse Range of Business Ideas at the Final Pitch of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2023

Corporate Communications Department


A total of 12 startups participated in the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Final Pitch 2023 and presented their innovative business ideas and strategies on 15 June 2023 at the Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) Innolab, Cyberjaya campus. The event witnessed a diverse range of business ideas, reflecting the students’ creativity, ambition, and problem-solving abilities. Each team showcased their projects, leveraging the knowledge acquired throughout the boot camp to craft compelling pitches that captivated the panellist consisting of eCadet partners.

The esteemed panellists lent their expertise and experience to the proceedings, serving as a source of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs. Their critical evaluation, insightful questions, and constructive feedback created invaluable learning opportunities for the students, helping them to refine their strategies and strengthen their business models. The Final Pitch concluded with a celebratory atmosphere, as students and panellists mingled, fostering connections and sparking conversations that may pave the way for future collaborations.