A total of 50 secondary school students were honoured in the Outstanding Improvement Awards 2022 ceremony at the Melaka campus on 24th July 2022. The ceremony was held to acknowledge the students for their improvements in their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) results, recently. Prof. Dr. Wong Eng Kiong, Vice President of Student Experience and Entrepreneurship Development (SEED) presented the certificates and cash rewards to the students.

The recipients were selected by their respective schools and they were briefed on entrepreneurship skills, the current job market as well as additional skills demanded by the various sectors during the event. Also attending the event were Ms. Nor Adni Ismail, Vice President of Finance and Business Ventures (VP F&BV); Mr. Zambri Pawanchik, Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Admission and Recruitment (VP SMART), and Madam Nalini R.S. Pragasam, Director of Student Recruitment and Admission Department (SRAD), and other MMU officials.