A PhD in engineering gives you the ability to be an individual that can benefit society and lead you to a future with many possibilities. You will be able to contribute to important research and developments.

The question is, what exactly can you do with a PhD in engineering? What circumstances affect your prospects with this PhD? Here are some prospects if you hold a PhD in engineering.


Become a university professor

By studying for a PhD in engineering, you will be equipped with enough knowledge and understanding to teach students in your specific subfield. 

As a professor, you will share your knowledge with college, graduate-level or postgraduate students as they learn about engineering ideas and techniques to create scientific products, tools, and services. You will also be required to teach them on how to approach scientific research. 


Become an experienced researcher in a lab

It is a given that with a PhD in engineering, you can enhance your research skills and work in research labs. 

Working at a research lab involves designing experiments, developing research protocols, carrying out experiments and collecting data to analyse using statistical software or other analytical tools. Working at a research lab also involves spending time writing research papers and grant proposals to maintain your sponsorship.


Managing an engineering firm

A PhD in engineering will get you the edge to achieve your dream of leading an engineering firm. You will have in-depth knowledge of engineering theories and be exposed to a wide range of global concepts and successful real-life examples that will be your reference in your future decision-making.

Research plays an important role here as well as you need to dedicate time and effort to identifying the needs of the market. It is important to identify when the demand for engineering solutions is high but low in expertise. 

In addition, your qualification may also prompt you to start your own engineering firm. You will have the knowledge to oversee business plans that cover aspects such as target market, marketing and branding strategies, pricing and financial projections. 


You will be more alert to noticing emerging markets and understanding how factors such as renewable energy, advanced materials, changes in transportation and construction industry and artificial intelligence can greatly affect your business. 


Why you should consider a PhD at MMU

Multimedia University (MMU) provides you with opportunities to conduct research that is motivated by innovation to help you succeed in your field of study. You will be exposed to research-centric courses that emphasise on developing strong analytical skills through coursework and a final-year research project.

At MMU, you will be under proper supervision and get the guidance you need to become an excellent graduate. MMU also has outstanding facilities that include a full-fledged PG library, online digital resources (such as EBSCO, Scopus Database, Emerald, and former exam questions) and 4 specialised labs including an intelligent lab.

Research and development are two important areas of expertise that you need in pursuit of excellence. MMU gives you the knowledge and research abilities you need to innovate in the field of your interest. This plays a crucial role in your career advancement whether you choose to work as a university professor, at a research lab or managing a business.

MMU prioritises industry networking occasions which include the presence of industry experts to speak at events, and make frequent industry visits for in-depth case studies and projects. If you are interested, you can opt for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) Engineering (By Research) by the Faculty of Engineering (FOE) or the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET)

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