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Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FET)

(R2/520/8/0053) 06/26 (A3415)

Research and development is an extremely important element in FET’s continuing pursuit for excellence. The process of discovering new founded knowledge and communicating the new findings to academia has become an integral part of the learning community. A number of research areas have been identified as focus areas that are deemed important to MMU. Our research program equips you with the knowledge and research skills needed to innovate in the area of your interest (i.e. Intelligent Robotics, Remote Sensing, e-Health, Green and Sustainable Engineering, 5G, Machine Vision, Intelligent Systems, IoT and many more). These are the critical technologies that are the foundation for many products and services. This programme assures you an opportunity of extensive training in research under supervision so that you are capable of working innovatively in your selected major.

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Scholarship Postgraduate (Malaysian)
Scholarship Postgraduate (International)

  • Fields of Research
    • 2-D/3-D Modelling and Reconstruction of Medical Images
      5G Research
      Acquisition System
      Actuators: Gear System and Design
      Actuators: Variable Torque Motor
      Advanced Material & Devices
      Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing
      Artificial Neural Networks and Its Applications
      Autonomous Mobile Robots
      Biomedical Signal Processing
      CAD-CAM Modelling and Simulation
      Computer Assisted Manufacturing
      Control Systems
      Digital Filters
      Digital Signal Processing
      DNA Fingerprinting
      Embedded System: Microcontroller, DSP, PLC, FPGA
      Green Technologies
      Engineering Tribology in Manufacturing Technology
      Evolutionary Computation
      Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)
      Humanoid Robots
      Hydrodynamic Stability
      Inventory Management
      Machine Kinematics
      Machine Vision / Object Recognition
      Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
      Mathematical Methods, Algorithms and Applications for Image Processing
      Mechanism and Control of Friction and Wear in Cutting Tools
      Memetic Algorithm
      Micro Heat Pipes
      Micro-channel Heat Transfer
      Optical Measurement Techniques: Fibre Sensors
      Organisational Behaviour
      Product Data Management
      Production / Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
      Quality Control
      Rapid Prototyping
      Remote Sensing and Surveillance Technologies
      Renewable Energy Systems
      Sensors: Distance and Colour Sensors
      Signal and Image Processing
      Statistical and Judgement Forecasting
      Supply Chain Management
      Technology of Cutting and Grinding Process
      Teleconference System
      Total Quality Management
      Turbulent Flows and Shock Waves
      Ultrasound Imaging and Angiography Nuclear Medicine
      Wireless Communication Systems
  • Entry Requirements
      1. A Master’s degree in the field or related field accepted by the Senate; OR
      2. A Master’s degree in non-related fields as accepted by the Senate, and evidence of at least two (2) years relevant working or research experience, subject to rigorous internal assessment; OR
      3. A Master’s degree in non-related fields as accepted by the Senate and without relevant working experience, subject to rigorous internal assessment and passing pre-requisite courses; OR
      4. A Bachelor’s degree with minimum CGPA of 3.67 or equivalent in the field or related field from MMU or institutions recognised by Senate can be accepted subject to rigorous internal assessment
      5. Other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree in the field recognised by Malaysian Government.
    • English Entry Requirement:
      • Minimum IELTS overall band score of 5.0 or its equivalent*
      • *The equivalency table is as below:

      English Competency CEFR High
      CEFR Low
      CEFR Mid
      CEFR High
      MUET Band 3 Band 3 Band 4 Band 4
      IELTS 5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5
      TOEFL iBT 42 46 60 79
      Pearson Test of English 47 51 59 63
      Cambridge English Qualifications and Test 154 160 169 176
      Linguaskill 154 160 169 176

      • In addition to the above, any other qualification which is of equivalent level as determined by the Senate of the University.

      • The English language requirement is waived for the candidates who are natives of and/or have completed their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees from countries that use English as the medium of instruction as well as the first language.

  • Programme Duration
    • Full-Time: Min. 2 years, Max. 5 years
    • Part-Time: Min. 3 years, Max. 7 years
  • Intake
    •  Throughout the year