Engineers play an important role when it comes to solving real-world problems. They design, invent, build and innovate to help shape the world in various ways. We live in a time when technology is constantly innovating and making life easier. Hence, specialising in a specific engineering field is important as it gives you in-depth knowledge about your field of study which then enhances your quality of work.

This thorough understanding allows you to identify opportunities for improvement, overcome technical challenges and propose innovative solutions that push the boundaries of existing technology. There are many types of engineering courses that you can choose from depending on what you want to focus on. Studying engineering while majoring in science creates unique opportunities due to its relevancy and the constantly evolving nature of technology no matter the field of study.

Here are some engineering options related to technological advancement offered at Multimedia University (MMU) that you can enrol in:


Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Intelligent Robotics 

Artificial intelligence and automation have become hot topics in recent years thanks to the increasing demand for them in many industries. Intelligent robotics is a rapidly evolving field at the intersection of robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Specialising in this area allows you to gain expertise in the latest advancements, techniques, and technologies. You will become well-versed in designing, developing and implementing intelligent robotic systems, positioning you at the forefront of technological innovation.

Intelligent robotics deals with complex challenges that require a multidisciplinary approach. You will develop the skills and knowledge to effectively tackle these challenges. 

You will learn to integrate various technologies, such as computer vision, sensor fusion, machine learning algorithms and control systems to develop intelligent robots capable of perception, decision-making and autonomous behaviour.


Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Electronics majoring in Telecommunications

Communication technologies and systems have become embedded into our daily lives. This programme will go deep into telecommunications and teaches you how to develop applications for mobile systems and Internet-based services. It will also dive into how to build, implement and manage communication networks for processing and delivering information.

Specialising in telecommunications equips you with knowledge of communication systems, networks and protocols. You will gain an extensive understanding of various technologies such as wired and wireless communication, fibre optics, satellite communication and mobile networks. This expertise prepares you for a wide range of roles in the telecommunications industry.

In the digital era, efficient and secure data communication is important. Specialising in telecommunications allows you to handle things such as data transmission, network security and data management. You will work on data communication protocols, encryption techniques and network optimisation to ensure the smooth flow of information in industries such as finance, healthcare and e-commerce.

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Mechanical

Mechanical engineers are highly sought after in many industries including automotive, aerospace, energy, manufacturing and robotics. Specialising in mechanical engineering opens up diverse career opportunities, allowing you to work on projects ranging from developing innovative products and systems to optimising manufacturing processes and improving energy efficiency.

The field of mechanical engineering is increasingly focused on sustainable practices and reducing their impact on the environment. Specialising in mechanical engineering can contribute to the development of energy-efficient systems, sustainable manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly technologies. This allows you to play a vital role in designing systems that minimise waste, conserve resources and promote sustainability.

Why MMU is the ideal choice for your engineering education 

Being accredited and approved by the Engineering Accreditation Council, Board of Engineers Malaysia, MMU’s Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) programmes are accepted and recognised by many potential employers, giving you the advantage of better career opportunities. Each graduate is trained to have an entrepreneurial attitude and a desire for commercial excellence.

More than 40% of academic personnel at MMU also hold professional credentials including Professional Engineer and Chartered Engineer, and more than 80% of academic employees have PhDs in their related fields of study. This ensures that you are educated only by industry professionals. It will give you the confidence and sense of security that you need to pursue your desired field of study.

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