Fantastic storytelling, directing, cinematography and editing makes the movie experience all the more memorable.

Movies can also instil good values and share positive messages, as was seen in the Malaysian movie Ola Bola which enthrals its viewers with the beauty of a multicultural country with a strong emphasis on unity. 

A more recent example is Mat Kilau which was released in June 2022 and generated a box office gross of RM90 million by July 2022. These two movies showed the potential of what the Malaysian film industry can achieve given the right opportunities.

This is thanks to Malaysians who are passionate about the film industry and those who continue to pursue a career in cinematic arts. 

Finding your story in an art university in Malaysia

You can be a part of this movement and be on your way to making a name for yourself in the cinematic arts industry through a Bachelor of Cinematic Arts (Hons) at Multimedia University.

This three-year programme equips you with the ability to develop and produce your ideas. With mentorship from full-time lecturers and industry professionals, you will gain intellectual growth and interpersonal communication, while also stimulating critical reflection as you create short films, music videos and more.

Knowing all aspects of cinema is also important. This bachelor’s degree gives you the quality education you need to push yourself forward. You have the chance to go in-depth into various subjects such as Cinematic Arts Design, Principles of Directing and Acting, Production Management, Screenwriting Fundamentals and more. 

Screenwriting Fundamentals teaches you the importance of a story structure and how it can bring your story to life. You will also learn to create dialogues and character development to form a cohesive story. A good storyline can leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Production Management teaches you how to control and manage the production process of a movie. Attention to elements such as budgeting is important when you are funding a project because it can lead to overspending and complications further down the line. You would also be taught how to find funding for your projects. This subject will not only expand your network but will also help you build soft skills like communication, public speaking and teamwork. 

Not only will you be exposed to quality teaching when you undertake a degree in cinematic arts, you will also gain other experiences that can help in your future workplace. Subjects such as Workplace Communication and Stress and Wellbeing among Malaysians are beneficial in the workplace because these subjects teach you to be a better communicator as well as manage your health.  

To support your dreams and aspirations, MMU Cyberjaya has also launched its Faculty of Cinematic Arts (FCA) Foundation Art Exhibition – MOMENTUM. This exhibition holds a variety of works created by students from the class of 2017 to 2022. It exhibits artworks from the Fine Art, Photography and Films classes, which proves that MMU is ready to support you through your journey of exploring your potential.

Upon graduation, you will have the opportunity to venture into a variety of fields in the cinematic arts industry. Some of the positions available include film director, film producer, scriptwriter, film editor, screenwriting for film and television and more. 

Making a change in the way local films are perceived by Malaysians and the international community can be challenging but not impossible. There is plenty of potential for growth in the Malaysian film industry and with the right tools, preparation and dedication, more critically acclaimed movies may take centre stage in the international scene.