A total of 39 participants from nine varsities and industry representatives attended the Malaysian Youth Bioinformatics Symposium (MYBS) 4.0 via Google Meet on 24 September 2022. Organised by the Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FIST) and IT Society, the event served as an avenue for students to acquire bioinformatics knowledge, build networks for bioinformatics students in Malaysia, and foster students’ interest in the bioinformatics field.

Prof. Dr. Lau Siong Hoe, Dean of FIST officiated the opening ceremony. The event was also attended by Dr. Ng Chong Han who is the Head Event Advisor, invited speakers, event advisors, organising committee members, and the participants. The symposium continued with 3 keynote speakers, Dr Pan Jia Wern, Associate Professor Dr Ho Weang Kee, and Professor Qasim Ayub, who delivered on “Machine learning precision medicine for Asian breast cancer”, “Polygenic risk scores for breast cancer risk prediction”, and “Mapping adaptive variation in Asian populations” respectively.

During the afternoon session, the participants took part in a workshop of their choice in respect of “AI and Bioinformatics: A Better Future” by Associate Professor Dr Tee Connie, “Systematic Review & Meta-analysis: A step-by-step guide using PRISMA guideline” by Dr Ang Boon Hong, or “Developing an Expert System for Bioinformatics” by Dr Lee Chin Poo. The event concluded with a closing speech by Dr. Ng Chong Han. It is hoped that the participants gained a deeper understanding and acquired new knowledge on the related topic via this symposium.