Let us congratulate Ms. Maizlina Sadikin, our staff from the Academic Compliance and Regulatory (ACR) Department for winning the gold medal at the 4th World Nomad Games in Iznik, Turkiye. Representing Malaysia, she won the archery team match with her team members namely Norsiani Mohd Nor and Radhiah Mohd Dom from Kelab Cybertra dan Pemanah Lestari. Ms. Maizlina was greeted by the staff of the Vice President of Academic and International Relations (VP AIR) office to welcome her back from the Nomad Games 2022 on 4th October 2022.   

With the slogan “We are One: From Tradition to Future”, the competition hosted 40 competitions in 12  sports categories such as horse riding, wrestling, archery, and others from 29th September until 3rd October 2022. The event aimed to preserve the nomadic cultural lifestyle and ancestral sports for posterity, where this competition is the first and only event that celebrates traditional sports. For this year, more than 3000 participants from 102 countries competed in the event.