The Centre of e-Services, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing (CESEM) from the Faculty of Business (FOB) organised a webinar session on Quantitative Research-PLS Path Modelling using WarpPLS with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jean Paolo Lacap, the Vice President for Research, Extension, and Quality Assurance of City College of Angeles, Philippines. The webinar was attended by more than 60 academicians and postgraduate students from different countries namely Thailand, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and others on 26th February 2022.

Dr. Lacap obtained his Doctor in Business Management (DBM) degree at the Philippine Women’s University, Master in Business Administration (MBA) at Angeles University Foundation, and Bachelor of Arts Major in Economics at the University of the Philippines. He has presented 18 research papers at international conferences and he has also published 35 research studies in different reputable international journals. During the webinar session, several interests were being raised by the participants. It was a great sharing session and beneficial to the participants.