Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) and Materialise Malaysia collaborated in holding a series of joint lectures on IR4.0 related elective course, Additive Manufacturing. The session was organised by the faculty through its Mechanical Engineering (ME) Programme and Industrial Linkage Committee (ILC). Mr. Mahadi Mahmud, a design engineer from the Design & Engineering Department of Materialise Malaysia delivered the lecture and tutorial classes on 5th-6th and 7th Oct, respectively, with regard to the topic on Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM).

The speaker gave valuable insights into the design principles and rules for designing 3D printed parts, as well as the strength, capabilities, and limitations of the additive manufacturing technology and applications. He also provided some real-life examples of the DfAM and conducted some discussions in the lecture, making the sessions more interesting to the students. More than 20 students attended the joint lecture, and it is believed that the students are able to apprehend the design process of the additive manufacturing topic more thoroughly.

Prior to this joint-lecture collaboration, a Mutual Confidentiality Agreement has been signed between Multimedia University (MMU) and Materialise NV which is effective for two years, starting from 2 August 2021. The ME programme and the faculty are positive and looking forward to having long-term joint-lecture collaboration with Materialise in the future, including potential research and project collaborations.