Two Industry Advisory Panels (IAPs) for Bachelor of Marketing (BOM), Bachelor of Management (BBM), and Diploma in Management (DiM) were invited to visit the Faculty of Management (FOM) virtually.  The invited IAPs were, Ms. Schrene Goh, the EVP Marketing of POS Malaysia (IAP of BOM); and Ms. Saliza Abdullah, the CEO of BG Capital Holdings Sdn Bhd (IAPs of BBM and DiM). The visit kicked off with a welcoming remark by Dr. Mohd Fairuz Abd Rahim, the Dean of FOM, and followed by briefing sessions by the programme coordinators. The IAPs also were invited as the speakers in a forum titled ‘In Pursuit of Industry Driven Graduates from the Perspective of Industry Players’.

More than 100 students attended the forum and they gained so much knowledge from the speakers’ entrepreneurial and industry experiences. When the IAPs was asked by the moderator, Ms. Azrena (FOM lecturer) about the expectation of the graduates from the industry perspectives, Ms. Saliza focused on the KSA model, which consisted of knowledge, skill, and attitude (KSA). On the other hand, Ms. Schrene supported the KSA model, and further highlighted the importance of having mentorship regardless of being a student or a future employee, and being curious and resourceful in the workforce. Lastly, the IAPs also interviewed the staff and students and moderated the programmes. The event was ended with a closing remark given by Dr. Ruzanna Ab Razak, the Deputy Dean of FOM, where both IAPs had provided constructive feedback for each of the programmes during the exit meeting.