We are proud to announce that MMU researchers bagged 6 Gold, 11 Silver, and 7 Bronze awards at the IDE4 Teaching and Learning Exhibition (IDE4TE) 2020 recently. This two-day event served as an avenue to demonstrate teaching and learning innovation among the Government-Linked University (GLU) academics as well as other invited academics in a virtual mode. With its theme, “Innovating Teaching, Advancing Learning”, the event was hosted by UNITEN and held in conjunction with the 2nd UNITEN Teaching & Learning Fest (UTLF) 2020.

On the first day of the event, a total of 82 submissions were received and the participants prepared posters and video presentations that were pre-judged before the event. On the second day, Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Kuan, Vice President of Academic and Internationalisation was invited as a panel speaker in a forum session on “Virtual Learning: Lessons Learned in Times of Crisis and Way Forward”. Prof. Dr. Ho gave an insightful sharing of MMU’s strategies in handling online assessments and increasing engagements in the Virtual Classrooms through Team-Based Learning.

Well done!

Here is the complete list of the winners:


Poster ID Name Universiti Poster Title Award
IDE4TE 16 Syed Amar Ghazi Bin Syed Ahmad Alkugsi MMU Reinventing The Role Of The Teacher In A Documentary Production Class To Bridge The Gap Between Students And Society Gold
IDE4TE 17 Tan Choo Kim, Khoo Huai Swan, Tan Choo Peng, Cheah Wooi Ping MMU Pedagogical Agent Approach for Alleviating Mathematics Anxiety Levels Gold
IDE4TE 19 Nordiana Binti Ludin MMU Enhancing Learners Understanding with Bite-size Multimedia-based Environment Gold
IDE4TE 23 Tan Choo Peng, Tan Choo Kim, Lau Siong Hoe, Koo Ah Choo, Chong Zheng Rong, Lee Chin Poo MMU Mathbot as a Mathematics Blended Learning Tool Gold
IDE4TE 61 Thong Li Wah, Sharmeeni Murugan MMU Strengthening Learners’ Procedural and Conceptual Knowledge in Engineering Mathematics through enhanced Team-Based Learning (TBL) Gold
IDE4TE 63 Sharmini Gopinathan MMU Gamified Teaching Strategies for the 21st Century: The Elitez Learning System (TELS) Gold
IDE4TE 02 Yeo Sook Fern MMU Students’ Entrepreneurial Intention: A Study of Gamification In Private Higher Education Silver
IDE4TE 04 R Kanesaraj Ramasamy MMU Teaching and Learning Made Easy with Modified-TBL Silver
IDE4TE 09 Tan Sin Yin MMU Visualization of vectors with Augmented Reality Silver
IDE4TE 10 Hamsatulazura Hamzah MMU Using Video Production Project To Enhance Accounting Students’ Learning Experience And Academic Performance Silver
IDE4TE 11 Vincent Chan MMU Fostering an “Epidemic” Teaching & Learning Ecosystem in Virtual Learning Classroom Silver
IDE4TE 12 Lim Boon Kian, Liew Kia Wai & Ng Poh Kiat MMU Integrated Design Project – An Innovative Problem-Based Learning Approach Silver
IDE4TE 13 Nur Faezah Binti Jayiddin MMU Developing 21st  – Century Soft Skills among Accounting Students using Constructivism and Drawing Strategy Silver
IDE4TE 15 Cheah Yeh Ying MMU Engaging Digital natives: Rethinking and Reinventing the 21st Century Teacher Silver
IDE4TE 26 Lim Liyen, Liew Yee Ping & Suhaimi Sarip MMU Effective Learning Technique for Assessment Silver
IDE4TE 28 Md. Shohel Sayeed, Ibrahim Bin Yusof MMU Complete Learning and Assessment using MMLS: A Case Study Silver
IDE4TE 29 Teo Chin Hao, Syakira Anis & Siti Iradah MMU Embracing Connectivism in Full-time Online Classroom for Practical-based Students (Creative Multimedia Students) Silver


IDE4TE 03 Hazlaili Binti Hashim MMU GSuite E-Learning Platform from an Academics Point of View Bronze
IDE4TE 07 Anushia Chelvarayan MMU Social Media For Academic Purpose Bronze
IDE4TE 08 Syarifah Diyanah Binti Yusoh MMU Online Learning Made Easy With Kendali Bronze
IDE4TE 14 Mawaddah Munirah Binti Zulfakar MMU Interactive case presentation Bronze
IDE4TE 24 Rubiah Mohd Yunus MMU Barriers in the implementation of blended learning: A qualitative study among students in a  Malaysian private university Bronze
IDE4TE 64 Chung Gwo Chin, Lee It Ee MMU Facilitation of Online and Hybrid Teaching & Learning Environment with Gagne’s Principle Bronze
IDE4TE 80 Nurul Aini Binti Mohamad Nordan & Rosnani Binti Abdul Rahman MMU Teaching Programming via Online Platform to Non-Computer Science (CS) Students Bronze