More than 530 participants joined the Live Webinar of FOE Industry Forum, with the topic, “Cyber Security: Risks, Challenges, and Management Issues” via Microsoft Teams Live Event platform, recently. The two-hour forum aims to promote awareness and understanding in the cybersecurity issues. The forum was organised by Industrial Linkage Committee of Faculty of Engineering (FOE) and was jointly organised by the Engineering Education Technical Division (E2TD), IEM Malaysia, MMU IEM Student Section and IEEE MMU Student Branch. The session was followed by MMU students, academicians, industry representatives, and secondary school students from Sekolah Seri Puteri, Cyberjaya and Sekolah Menengah Sains Banting.

The forum panellists are the experts in the Cyber security fields, from three organizations. The panellists include Dr Azman Ali, Senior Solution Consultant, TM One; Mr Karthik Raghuram Sundar, Associate Director of Emerging Tech, Risk & Cyber (ETRC), KPMG; and Mr Sivanathan Subramaniam, Deputy Director (Risk Specialist), Bank Negara Malaysia. The event was successfully moderated by Dr Goh Vik Tor, Senior Lecturer, FOE, whose research focus, among others, is on Cryptography and Cyber Security.

During the forum, the panellists shared their experience as Cyber security experts and their insights of cybersecurity practices, regulation as well as many interesting issues happening in the world. The discussion also centred around the potential threats that societies must be aware of in the cyber world. The panellist advised the audience to be more cautious in sharing their personal information on the internet and be more alert to protect themselves and their family from being the cyber fraud victim. It is important for public to be aware of the cyber threat and to stay safe online.