The Faculty of Management through its Center of Excellence for Knowledge, Innovation, and Management (CEKIM) hosted a talk entitled “Digital Transformation: Implications on Academic, Business and Talent” in Cyberjaya recently. The invited speaker was Ms. Azreena Azizan, Programme Director, Johor Initiatives from Collaborative in Research, Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST).

Ms. Azreena provided numerous real-world examples and explanation on how digital transformation brought upon by Industry Revolution 4.0, the social media, and related technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning will inevitably impact on business themselves, and talent. The overarching message from her talk is that talents from non-technology fields such as graduates from the Faculty of Management, are high in demand by technology firms. Therefore, academia and talent must forge ahead and embrace this trend by embracing as well as understanding nascent technologies, or risk becoming irrelevant in the future.

The talk was well-received by staff and students. FOM academics also had discussions with Ms. Azreena for further collaborations and guidance with the aim of increasing CREST grant success in future grant cycles, in addition to empowering FOM researchers and budding entrepreneurs to view technology and business as fields that ought to work hand-in-hand to build stronger business cases and use cases for research and innovation.