The Faculty of Management through its Centre of Business Excellence (CoBE) and the KPMG MMU Student Ambassadorship Programme hosted a sharing session with two MMU alumni, who are currently working with KPMG. The one-hour session was participated by 70 students via Google Meet, recently.

The session featured Lee Ming Long is an Audit Senior Manager and he was graduated in 2010. The second speaker was Muhammad Danial Mohd Ismail, who graduated in 2011 and is currently working as an Audit Manager. Despite being working with KPMG for almost 10 years, both of them agreed that learning something new helps them to become better employees as well as expanding their networking with new people that they meet. The speakers also highlighted on the challenging tasks including to manage people in a big team and younger staff, which require active two-way of communication to ensure all task are completed.

The speakers also advised the students to focus and improve on their communication skills as having good interpersonal skills will benefit them in their future workplace. The students are encouraged to boost their communication skills during class presentation, event management, as well as class discussion during their study time. A good command of English and confidence in speech are also great advantages in workplace later. Plus, having a good attitude is more preferred as compared to good knowledge because it makes a lot of difference at work. The sharing session was beneficial to the students and it is hoped that it can inspire students to develop their soft skills for their future endeavor.