Dr. Ridzwan Bakar, an academic staff of Faculty of Management (FOM) has been appointed as Lead Facilitator and Subject Matter Expert in developing public policy pertaining to waqf development, accounting and taxation. A two-day workshop was held in August 2018 at The Katerina Hotel, Johor. The workshop was organised by Department of Wakaf, Zakat and Hajj (JAWHAR) of Prime Minister Department, and it was attended by senior officers from Inland Revenue (LHDN), Ministry of Finance (MOF), State Religious Council (MAIN), JAWHAR and university professor.

Dr. Ridzwan gave a lecture on the role of waqf to support sustainability of Malaysia and current policy on endowment tax by the Inland Revenue (LHDN). The draft of public policy will be submitted to JAWHAR and MOF for their deliberation and finalisation, prior to full engagement with Malaysia government.

This high impact study by MMU expert will be another excellent showcase of our varsity contributions to the development of new Malaysia.

Well done, Dr. Ridzwan!