A total of 55 students of Diploma in Business Administration participated in an Industrial Talk entitled “E-Commerce: Home Startup to Million Ringgit Company”. The talk was delivered by Ms. Tan Siew Lee, the co-founder of Isois Marketing Sdn. Bhd. /Shop2u Solution on 6 September 2018 in Melaka campus.

Ms. Tan Siew Lee shared her experience and insights on entrepreneurship, particularly in the ambit of e-commerce home start-ups. She also explained further on several essential aspects  such as challenges encountered in every stage of a startup, qualities required by a cyberpreneur to start and persevere in growing a business, understanding consumer behaviour and catering to different needs and preferences. She also emphasised on developing effective website with unique features with personalisation and QR code as well as continuously paying attention to the customer satisfaction and expectation.

Overall, the students were exposed to significant knowledge and skills pertinent to entrepreneurship and e-commerce.