Dr. Magiswary Dorasamy, FOM lecturer was selected as one of the five recipients of the Malaysia Association of Information Systems (MyAIS) on 14 July 2018. Her research paper was among the 10 papers accepted to Pacific Asia Conference on Information System (PACIS) 2018 from a total of 116 submissions from Malaysia. The PACIS received 759 submissions from 53 countries.

Among 10 Malaysian papers accepted in PACIS2018, only 5 papers were qualified for this award. She had the opportunity to represent as MyAIS delegates to Yokohama, Japan on 26 June until 31 June 2016 for PACIS2018. The conference was organised by the Association of Information System (AIS), which is the premier professional association for individuals and organisations who lead to research, teaching, practice and study of information systems worldwide. Dr. Magiswary is a member of AIS since 2009.

Dr. Magiswary presented a full research paper entitled “Building a Bright Society with Au Courant Parents: Combating Online Grooming”. This article reflects on current situation of online grooming and whether parents are au courant on the vulnerabilities of children towards online predators. This paper presents one of the result of her FRGS grant project entitled “Enhanced Model for Cybersecurit Violation in IoT-Enabled Bright Society”.

Let’s congratulate Dr. Magiswary on her achievement!