On 14 July 2018, the Faculty of Business (FOB), in collaboration with MMU’s National Marketing Enrolment (NME) organised the 2018 FOB Signature Event at MMU Melaka, with about 191 secondary students and 14 teachers from various schools from Alor Gajah and Jasin participating.

The programme served as a platform to provide exposure to students on creative business and marketing strategies via three workshops, namely the Product Pitching workshop, the Design Thinking workshop and the Product Prototype Design workshop.

In Design Thinking, students were exposed to subjects related to marketing management. A small competition was held at the end of the session, with SMK Selandar winning the first prize and SMK Sultan Alauddin for the second prize. SMK Ghafar Baba clinched the third prize while MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba, the best presenter award.

For the Product Pitching workshop, the students were required to answer questions related to advertising, pricing strategy, product information search, distribution, international marketing, business mathematics, and consumer behaviour, based on the high school SPM syllabus and general knowledge. The three schools with the highest marks were SMK Selandar (first prize), SMK Ghafar Baba (second prize) & SMK Dato Talib Haji Karim (third prize).

Meanwhile, the Product Prototype & Design workshop called for creativity and innovation. Students were provided with materials needed to create a new product, and were let loose to turn their ideas into reality. Judging on creativity, teamwork and persuasion skills, the panel  of judges announced MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba as the workshop champion, followed by SMK Dato Dol Said (second prize) and SMK Ghafar Baba (third prize and Best Presenter Award).