We are very pleased to inform everyone that MMU’s global position among the continent’s universities has risen, according to the QS University Rankings. Currently, MMU occupies the 179th spot, up from the previous position of 193rd.

This development was revealed when QS released its 2018 rankings for Asian universities on Tuesday, October 17th. It stated that it has been a “highly successful year for Malaysian institutions with 18 out of 27 improving their rank.”

Professor Datuk Dr. Ahmad Rafi Mohd Eshaq, President of MMU, expressed his happiness at the results. “We are definitely very happy about this. Although we are actually more concerned with the bigger picture, which goes beyond mere rankings, we are nevertheless pleased with this development because rankings serve as good early, albeit incomplete, indicator of progress,” he said.

To every MMU citizen, whether staff or student, congratulations!