October 19, 2017

Students’ club of The Faculty of Applied Communication recently organised an event, “Think + Talk with Ally Iskandar” on 14 September 2017. Mr. Ally Iskandar, Executive Producer of Media Prima, was invited to share his experience and discuss strategic communication in corporate setting. The main purpose of the event was to instil interpersonal communication techniques in attendees to enable them to achieve personal goals.

Infused with humour, Ally’s talk stressed that conflict and disagreement are crucial parts in the road to effective communication. Ally stated, “Productive communication doesn’t require agreement, in fact, some of the best talk shows that I have hosted had involved disagreement. And that’s to be expected when you work with smart people who have strong opinions and viewers with high expectations. But in order to have productive discussions and keep your team moving forward after conflict, people need to feel heard and appreciated”.

Ally further mentioned that we need to pitch our ideas daily, regardless of whether we are in sales or not. A promotion, a new project and a new job are among events that require influencing and convincing others. Ally shared actionable tips to rework how stories could be told and how they could help in getting us closer to our goals. The session was entertaining as well as interactive as the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions regarding Ally’s journey in corporate media.