Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) (By Coursework)

(R/345/7/0668) 03/20 (A11391)

  • Accredited by MQA (Malaysian Qualification Agency) & Ministry of Higher Education
  • MMU’s MBA program equips individuals with the required knowledge and skills along with an innovative and entrepreneur mindset for career advancement in the digital business world.
  • Active learning with working professionals and industry experts
  • Focus on equipping candidates with the required knowledge and skillset for facing the future challenges of industry
  • Internationally recognized degree – our MBA graduates are qualified for job promotions and entrance to doctorate programmes worldwide
  • Assessments are complying with MQA’s Programme Standards – all subjects are 100% coursework without final examination.


  • A Bachelor’s degree (Level 6, MQF) in related fields with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent, as accepted by the HEP Senate; OR
  • A Bachelor’s degree (Level 6, MQF) in related fields with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 and not meeting CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent, can be accepted, subject to a rigorous internal assessment
  • A Bachelor’s degree (Level 6, MQF) in non-related fields with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 or equivalent, as accepted by the HEP Senate and without working experience, subject to passing pre-requisite courses; OR
  • Other equivalent/related qualifications to a Bachelor’s degree (Level 6, MQF) recognised by the Malaysian Government; OR


  • APEL A
  • ACCA
  • MMU’s Microcredential


  • Duration of study: 1 year
  • Class sessions: Weekdays
  • No. of trimesters per year: 3 trimesters
  • No. of subjects taken per trimester: 3 to 5 subjects
  • Actual structure shall be provided upon active enrolment.
  • Duration of study: 2 years
  • Class sessions: Every Sunday
  • No. of trimesters per year: 6 short trimesters.
  • No. of subjects taken per short trimester: 1 subject
  • Actual structure shall be provided upon active enrolment.

Common Core:

  • Marketing Management
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Human Resource Management
  • Applied Case Research Method
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Economics for Managers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Final project


Electives (3CH): (require 1 subjects only):

  • Change Management
  • Business Data Analytics for Managers
  • Cyberlaw


Electives (2CH): (require 1 subjects only):

  • Marketing and Digital World
  • Fintech Revolution and Transformation


  • No need to enrol in the MBA programme.
  • Complete the MC courses at your own pace.
  • List of MC courses:
    • Accounting for Managers (3 MCs)
    • Marketing Management (3 MCs)
    • Organasitional Behaviour (3 MCs)
    • Human Resource Management (3 MCs)
    • Applied Case Research Method (3 MCs)
    • Strategic Management (3 MCs)
    • Economics for Managers (3 MCs)
    • Entrepreneurship (3 MCs)
    • Cyberlaw (3 MCs)



  • Enrol as an active MBA student.
  • Transfer completed MCs to MBA courses/ subjects.
  • Complete the remaining subjects in the MBA conventional programme.

Note: The above programme structure serves as a general guide.


  • PEO1: Graduates who apply contemporary business management knowledge and skills in professionally and/or socially gainful activities.
  • PEO2: Graduates who are innovative and digitally competent in creating value for stakeholders.
  • PEO3: Graduates who steer initiatives with strategic leadership skills and high degree of responsibility.
  • PEO4: Graduates who are continuously committed to lifelong learning for professional and personal development.

Upon graduation, the graduates are expected to achieve or attain the following outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding in business management.
  2. Provide effective/constructive recommendations to manage businesses in dynamic environments.
  3. Organise complex tasks/operations in an innovative manner to accomplish goals.
  4. Demonstrate effective interpersonal and communication skills in negotiating mutually beneficial solutions for all stakeholders.
  5. Demonstrate digital competence and knowledge across business functional areas.
  6. Analyse qualitative and/or quantitative data to support effective decision-making and problem-solving in organisations.
  7. Demonstrate quality of an inclusive leadership with responsibility in teamwork.
  8. Display self-improvement for professional development with entrepreneurial mindset in managing organisational challenges.
  9. Display ethical values, professionalism and humanities in solving business problems.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Designed for Managerial Career Path
  • Industry Learning Partners for Industry insights
  • Credit Exemptions through APEL C
  • Credit Exemptions through MMU’s MBA Micro-Credentials
  • Joining MBA through APEL A
  • Conference Sponsorship


Multimedia University (MMU) has prepared me for every stage of my life, both theoretically and practically. Likewise, my outstanding lecturers at FOM encouraged me to step beyond of my comfort zone in order to prepare for my career path.

Sumitha Ravichander, MBA.

MBA at MMU has allowed me to use real world examples and problems rather than made up scenarios. I found all my lecturers from the Faculty of Management (FOM) to be particularly engaging and welcoming in the exchange of ideas and thoughts. I have found that my education has prepared me exceptionally well to advance in my career. Despite challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I have enjoyed both the campus course and online course experiences equally and I believe MMU has succeeded in creating the best of both worlds with the flexible MBA program. Without question, the program from day one to completion offers a wide variety of hard and soft transferable skills which have enormous value and impact on my career. I think it has made me a better leader.

Nor Emmizah Binti Zakaria, MBA.

MMU builds platform to meet new prospects with various skill sets and experiences to exchange ideas, enable graduates to not only become creative, but also goal-oriented. In parallel, the adaptation and experience gained has enabled ThinkLEO Sdn. Bhd. develop another paradigm shift in its service offerings to meet current and future demands for both local and global market needs.

Leo Lourdes, MBA

I enrolled for the MBA part-time weekend program at MMU Cyberjaya in 2001, while I was just starting out in the family business. The course equipped me with valuable knowledge and tools, transitioning from a fresh graduate in electrical engineering to an entrepreneur. I chose MMU because of its strategic location, course structure and flexibility. MMU remains as one of the best established local private universities for working professionals who want to further their studies for personal growth.

Saliza Abdullah, MBA

Programme Coordinator

Industrial Learning Partner (ILP)

Mr. Sriram Sheshadri
Head, Supply Chain at Signify Malaysia

Mr. Arthur Sam
Regional Sales Director, South-East Asia, Oceania & India, Ports & Maritime Division, Cavotec Singapore

Ms. Nithya Rajasagaran
Head of Customer Care & Support & Maintenance for USP & WIFI Projects, Redtone Telecommunications Sdn Bhd

Mr. Ko Chuan Zhen
CEO, Plus Solar Systems Sdn Bhd

Mr. Ong Yong Xun
Founder of JomStudy

Dr. Roslan Bakri Zakaria
Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Digital Transformation Connoisseur, Random Collectives

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sonny Zulhuda
International Islamic University Malaysia

Mr. Ts. Saravanan Belusami

Ms. Adiratna Shahrul
Manager Data Analyst, Human Capital Innovation, Group Human Capital Management, Telekom Malaysia.

Ms. Muna Irsalina Mohd Jamil

MAGIC, Cyberjaya.