Bachelor of Marketing (Hons.)

(R2/342/6/0100) 09/24 (A5315)

This specialised degree program emphasises both conventional marketing theories and digital applications which are required by most industries in the market today. Students that complete this program will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the competitive world waiting for them. By the time they graduate, students of this program will have the ability to handle the intricate challenges of modern digital marketing.

Conventional marketing theories taught in this course prepare students to understand the foundations of marketing while developing their skills to identify target markets, design marketing strategies and optimise various communication tools. This, added with the many digital based subjects offered to them, produces students with a holistic educational experience and comprehension that will be valuable across multiple industries. Confidence, enthusiasm, competence and proficiency of modern day marketing tools are soft skills that the students of this program will attain through the numerous presentations and practical applications that are embedded in this program.


  • Pass Foundation/ Matriculation studies with at least CGPA of 2.00 from a recognised institution; OR
  • Pass STPM or its equivalent with a minimum of Grade C (GP 2.00) in any two (2) subjects AND a Pass in Mathematics and English* at SPM Level or its equivalent; OR
  • Pass A-Level with a minimum of Grade D in any two (2) subjects AND a Pass in Mathematics and English* at SPM Level or its equivalent.; OR
  • Pass STAM with a minimum of Grade Jayyid (Good) in two (2) subjects AND a Pass in Mathematic and English* at SPM or its equivalent; OR
  • Pass UEC with a minimum of Grade B in at least five (5) subjects inclusive of English OR a minimum of Grade C in SPM/O-Level English or equivalent; OR
  • Any qualifications equivalent to Diploma or Advanced Diploma (Level 4 or 5, MQF) with at least CGPA of 2.00; OR
  • Pass DKM/DLKM/DVM with a minimum CGPA of 2.50. Candidates with CGPA below 2.50 MUST have at least two (2) years of work experience in the related field**.

*The requirement to Pass Mathematics and English subjects can be waived should the qualifications contain Mathematics and English subjects with equivalent/ higher achievement.

Those without a pass in Mathematics and/or English at SPM level or equivalent can be admitted but are required to attend special enhancement course(s). These special enhancement courses should be SPM equivalent, remedial in nature. Students must pass the Mathematics and English enhancement courses as a prerequisite to related core courses taught in English.

**DKM/DLKM/DVM candidates may be required to undergo Bridging Programme as an additional requirement.

English Entry Requirement for International Students:
All undergraduate programmes offered by Faculty of Management require a minimum score of 5.5 in IELTS or its equivalent, except for Bachelor of Finance (Hons.) and Bachelor of Financial Engineering (Hons.), which require a minimum score of 6.0 in IELTS or its equivalent.


• Accounting for Decision Making
• English for Business Communication
• Principles of Finance
• Managerial Mathematics
• Fundamental of Marketing
• Digital Transformation Technologies
• Managerial Statistics
• English for Business Studies
• Critical Thinking and Application in Management
• Fundamentals of Economics
• Management
• Elective
• Character Building
• Fundamentals of Digital Competence with Basic Programming
• Character Development
• U3

• Business Law
• Organizational Behaviour
• Mobile App Design & Development
• Strategic Marketing
• Media Publishing & Corporate Design
• Consumer Behaviour
• Integrated Marketing Communications
• Human Resource Management
• Business Analytics
• Web Design
• Marketing Research
• Digital Marketing
• Brand Management
• Elective
• U1
• U2

• Global Marketing
• Sales & Professional Business Marketing
• Innovative Product Marketing
• Capstone Project
• Social Media Marketing
• Industrial Training
• Elective
• Elective
• U1
• U4

The 4 elective courses (total 12 credit hours) are to be chosen from any courses offered by FOM or other faculties except courses offered to
Bachelor of Accounting (Hons). The following list are recommended:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Retail Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Services Marketing
  • Psychology

*Open electives (subjects from other faculties) are also offered for students to consider*

U1 : Philosophy and Current Issues, Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations, Bahasa Komunikasi 2 (for international students)

U2/U3: Integrity and Leadership (for international students)

U4 : MPU34xx

Note: The above programme structure serves as a general guide.


This programme aims to produce graduates with the following quality after several years of graduation:

  1. Graduates with the ability to adopt appropriate methodologies and techniques to competently provide marketing solutions utilizing practical skills and knowledge in marketing or marketing-related events in line with the industry requirements
  2. Graduates who display sound critical thinking and interpersonal skills, leadership and professionalism in their interactions with both peers and stakeholders in the workplace to lead and innovate in the field of marketing
  3. Graduates with numeracy and digital skills to carry out their assigned responsibilities effectively demonstrating positive attitude, as well as entrepreneurial mind-set in their workplace environment

Upon graduation, the graduates are expected to achieve or attain the following outcomes:

  1. Assess in-depth theories and concepts in marketing
  2. Apply in-depth and comprehensive marketing knowledge to manage complex problems in business organisations using different marketing approaches
  3. Organise tasks or operations flexibly within business organisations
  4. Demonstrate effective written and oral communication and collaborative skills with diverse stakeholders
  5. Demonstrate relevant digital skills in marketing
  6. Analyse numerical and graphical data to assist decision-making
  7. Demonstrate leadership skills and responsibility in managing business organisations
  8. Acquire entrepreneurial and managerial skills in planning and organizing projects
  9. Adhere to ethical values, professionalism and humanities in solving various marketing issues


  • Upon completing the ‘Business Analytics’ course, students shall obtain a professional KNIME Certificate.


  • Marketing Manager/Executive, Social Media creator/administrator, SEO executive/specialist, Marketing analyst, Content marketer, Digital strategist, Product Specialist/Executive, Brand Manager, Public Relations Executive, Corporate Communications Executive and many more.

Programme Coordinator


Schrene Goh

Pos Malaysia Berhad
Appointment duration: Trimester 2, 2019/20 until Trimester 1, 2022/23



Sunway University
Appointment duration: Trimester 1, 2021/22 until Trimester 3, 2022/23