Dr. Abby Ashraff bin Saprudin

Head of Unit of Accounting / Lecturer

Dr. Goh Han Hwa

Programme Coordinator - Bachelor of Analytical Economics / Lecturer

Ts. Dr. Anusuyah Subbarao

Programme Coordinator - Bachelor of Digital Enterprise Management / Lecturer

Dr. Azleen Shabrina Mohd Nor

Liaison - ACCA & MIA / Lecturer

Dr. Aznur Hajar Abdullah

Head of Contemporary Learning / Lecturer

Dr. Hasni Mohd Hanafi @ Omar

Deputy Dean Academic & International Relations (AIR) / Lecturer

Dr. Izyan Syazana Awaludin

Programme Coordinator - UGDE / Lecturer

Dr. Mazni Alias

Programme Coordinator - Diploma in Management / Lecturer

Dr. Noor Ashikin Mohd Rom

Programme Coordinator - Diploma in Finance / Lecturer

Dr. Thai Siew Bee

Coordinator - Lets Excel Programme / Lecturer

Dr. Yvonne Lee Lean Ee

Data Manager, FOM / Deputy Director, Strategy and Quality Assurance / Lecturer

Dr. Chong Choy Yoke

Deputy Dean, Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IPS) / Lecturer

Dr. Vincent Oh Kim Seng

Head of Unit of PG / Lecturer

Ms. Nor Hazleza Mohamed

Programme Coordinator - Bachelor of Business Management / Lecturer

Ms. Norizaton Azmin Mohd Nordin

Programme Coordinator - Bachelor of Finance / Lecturer

Dr. Sellywati Mohd Faizal

Liaison - ICAEW / Lecturer

Ms. Diyana Abdul Mahad @ Abdul Hamid

Head - FOM Outreach & Coordinator - Social Media / Lecturer

Dr. Nurazlin Mohd Fauzi

Programme Coordinator - Bachelor of Marketing / Lecturer

Ms. Hamsatulazura Hamzah

Programme Coordinator - Bachelor of Accounting / Lecturer

Ms. Rapiah Mohd Zaini

Coordinator - Outbound Exchange Programmes / Lecturer

Ms. Norzarina Md Yatim

ITC - Bachelor of Accounting / Lecturer

Ms. Haslin Binti Johari

Liaison - MICPA / Coordinator - Colloqium / Lecturer

Ms. Azrena Binti Mohd Noor

Coordinator - Copywriting / Foundation Lecturer 2

Nursyamimi Houd

Foundation Lecturer 2

Mr. Mohd Azizi Sanwani

ITC - Bachelor of Digital Enterprise Management / Lecturer

Mr. Pook Sow Yee

Webmaster / Lecturer

Ms. Nadira Mohamed Isa

Programme Coordinator - ODL / Lecturer

Ms. Putri Nurul 'Aainaa Rusli

Foundation Lecturer 1

Ms. Yap Yee Yann

Coordinator - Career Development & iCadet / ITC - Bachelor of Business Management / Lecturer