Huawei Campus Recruitment – MMU on 20th February 2019

The Huawei 2019 Campus Recruitment Event is coming to MMU on the 20th February 2019 (Wednesday). The objective is to engage with local students and recruit potential undergraduate for the organization growth.

Huawei is offering competitive Job, Internship and Scholarship opportunities to undergraduates who continuously put effort to excel in their field of studies. There is quit big number of vacancies opportunities for MMU students, therefore we need your fullest support to encourage your students to join the event.

There is link for registration, your students can do online registration before the event.

Who should attend the event:
a) Students who are graduating in 2019;
b) Students who are looking for internship attachment;
c) Students who would like to gain insights in Huawei.

Should you need further info, do not hesitate to contact Yanty Mohammad Sham or Mohd Fariz (YUM) at ext 5957 or 5748.