FOM DBA Student Presents His Research Findings at GIVS2023

Mr. Max Wong Wai Khuen, a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) postgraduate student at the Faculty of Management (FOM) presented his research findings at the recently concluded IAFOR Global Innovation and Value Summit 2023 (GIVS2023) on 17 November 2023. The programme was jointly organised by the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)- Integration Research and Education Center at Osaka University and the Value Research Center of Doshisha University, Japan.

From April to July 2023, Mr. Max collaborated with Professor Philip Sugai from Doshisha University in Kyoto to develop an innovative corporate ESG measurement methodology during his research attachment. This research attachment is a pivotal part of his DBA thesis focusing on ESG development in Malaysia. This significant partnership marks a notable milestone between MMU in Malaysia and Doshisha University in Japan. Both universities hold the distinction of being among the oldest private educational institutions in their respective countries to engage in such academic collaborations.

Under the guidance of his FOM supervisors, Dr. Teh Boon Heng and Associate Professor Dr. Tan Siow Hooi, Max Wong successfully demonstrated his newly developed value creation measurement tool, allowing stakeholders to assess how much value an organisation creates for its stakeholders based on available sustainability reports. This development also served as a stepping stone for other researchers to explore the creation of an AI scoring model (using AI to measure ESG performance) and impact-weighted accounting (the creation of financial accounts that reflect a company’s ESG performance).

Congratulations, Mr. Max Wong Wai Khuen!