The MMU team proudly showcased three innovative projects at the Anugerah Inovasi Negeri Selangor (AINS) held at Semarak Hall, Cyberjaya. These projects, spearheaded by Mr. Vincent Chan from the Faculty of Business (FOB), highlighted the creative talents and innovative spirit of MMU. The projects involved contributions from three dedicated students: Nurul Husna Bt Ahmad Sallal (FOB), Nur Aleya Insyirah Bt Fauzir (FOB), and Jogtika a/p Ramasamy from the Faculty of Management (FOM). The event featured a total of 38 projects from various sectors, including government, private, institutional, and educational entities. 

On 2 July 2024, the Lawatan Panel Penilai Anugerah Inovasi Negeri Selangor Daerah Sepang 2024 took place, officiated by Tuan Muhamad Shah bin Osmin, the Deputy President of the Sepang Municipal Council. AINS merges the Anugerah Inovasi Sektor Awam Negeri Selangor, introduced in 2010, and the My Innovation Challenge Program, introduced in 2015. It aims to provide an opportunity for all residents of Selangor, including individuals, civil servants, private companies, school students, and higher education institution students, to generate new and creative ideas and foster an innovation culture in Selangor. 

The objectives of AINS are to collect information on innovative products and outcomes, promote and highlight these innovations across all societal levels, recognise the best innovative products as a form of encouragement for the Selangor community, and to nurture, cultivate, and ignite a culture of creativity and innovation in the workplace and community environment in Selangor. 

Well done!