The Infineon Week 2024, a four-day program for MMU Engineering and Information Technology (IT) students, concluded successfully on 27 June 2024. This event marked the fifteenth year of the fruitful collaboration between Multimedia University (MMU) and Infineon Technologies. Students participated in various activities, including a factory visit, career talks, alumni sharing sessions, and a poster and innovative project competition. 

This program aimed not only to foster collaborations with academic pioneers who will discover and drive future advancements in Engineering and IT but also to expand the industry knowledge base and attract premier students to innovate and transfer semiconductor technology to the commercial sector. 

The event kicked off with a factory visit to Infineon Technologies in Melaka, where students gained valuable insights into project management, particularly within the semiconductor industry. This firsthand experience provided a practical understanding of engineering projects. Following the visit, students attended career talks by senior directors and managers from various departments, who shared insights on career pathways. Additionally, MMU alumni currently working at Infineon shared their professional experiences, offering students a glimpse into their potential future careers. 

The Poster and Innovative Project Competition marked the final day of Infineon Week. A total of 24 technical posters and 22 innovative projects were presented by participants from both engineering and information technology disciplines. This competition fostered innovation, ideas, and creativity, showcasing the students’ and academicians’ expertise. The presentations were attended by Mr. Eng Seng Meng, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Infineon Technologies Sdn. Bhd., Prof. Dr. Wong Eng Kiong, Vice President of Student Experience & Entrepreneurship Development & Melaka Campus Director, Prof. Dr. Lau Siong Hoe, Dean of Faculty of Information Science & Technology (FIST), Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Ng Poh Kiat, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET), and other faculty members. 

The event provided an excellent opportunity for students, academicians, and Infineon staff to exchange views and innovative ideas. More importantly, it strengthened the relationship between MMU and Infineon Technologies, paving the way for future collaborations.