On 15 May 2024, Mr. Tan Chi Keen, Senior Software Engineer at Gamuda Excellence Transformation, delivered an enlightening talk on Digital Engineering in the construction industry. Organised by Career Connect and the Faculty of Computing and Informatics (FCI) under the PDTI initiative, the session provided attendees with insights into how Gamuda leverages cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and transform the construction landscape. 

The session kicked off with Ms. Nesylia, the Talent Acquisition specialist at Gamuda, introducing job and internship programs available to MMU students. She highlighted the Digital Internship Program (DIP) and the Gamuda Internship Program (GIP), both of which offer potential future job opportunities to the students. 

The event continued with Mr. Tan, a former Gamuda scholarship recipient, shared his inspiring career journey and explored key technologies that Gamuda actively integrates into its projects, including Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Technologies, and Virtual Reality.  

The talk underscored the importance of staying at the forefront of technology and Gamuda’s commitment to shaping the future of construction through digital transformation. It was a valuable opportunity for students to gain knowledge and inspiration for their future careers in digital engineering.