The Faculty of Business (FOB) facilitated another two industrial talks to the Master of Business Administration students from the Firebird Institute of Research in Management, recently. The invited speaker was Ms. Fakhuzaimi Othman, the HR and Training Manager of a leading hotel in Melaka, Casa Del Rio shared her experiences and insights related to the latest trends in the field of hospitality management on 18 March 2024. The key highlights of the talk include innovation in guest experience, sustainability as a priority, diverse workforce dynamics, and upskilling for the future.

The speaker shared that the hospitality industry is witnessing a paradigm shift towards personalised and immersive guest experiences, focused on health, hygiene, hospitable service as well as leveraging technology to create efficient and flexible reservation processes and memorable stays. More importantly, she emphasised that environmental consciousness is no longer just a buzzword but a core principle driving hotel operations. Our speaker emphasised the growing importance of eco-friendly practices, from reducing plastic usage to implementing energy-efficient solutions.

Prior to this session, the students also learned new knowledge on future digital marketing, which was delivered by Mr. Prashan Chitty, the distinguished founder and managing director of XENO Entertainment on 15 March 2024. With a talk titled “The Future of Digital Marketing and Importance of Localisation”, Mr. Prashan shared valuable tips on navigating the complexities of the digital landscape and capitalising on the current market demands. His practical advice on startup strategies resonated with the audience, offering tangible pathways to success in today’s competitive environment. Moreover, Mr. Chitty’s talk extended beyond mere business tactics, touching upon the broader implications of digitalization in the music entertainment industry.