Lecturers from the Faculty of Management (FOM) and Faculty of Business (FOB) conveend at the Cyberjaya Campus on 5 February 2024, under the leadership of Madam Hamsatulazura Hamzah, the Program Coordinator for Bachelor of Accounting. The event marked the unveiling of the Halatuju 4 Program Perakaunan (HT4) by the Jabatan Pendidikan Tinggi in collaboration with the Majlis Dekan Perakaunan Malaysia, replacing the existing Halatuju Program Perakaunan (HT3).

The primary focus of HT4 is to address curriculum weaknesses by incorporating the latest technological developments and emphasising human development within the curriculum. According to Madam Hamsatulazura, based on data from the Ministry of Higher Education in October 2022, the field of accounting is recognized as one with the highest competitiveness rate in Malaysia.

Furthermore, she highlighted that the accounting department doesn’t only produce accountants but also professionals capable of serving in human resources, strategic management, risk management, and other related fields.

The introduction of HT4 reflects a commitment to adaptability and innovation within the accounting education sector, ensuring graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving business environment. This move is expected to elevate the quality of accounting education and produce graduates who are not only proficient in traditional accounting practices but also adaptable to emerging technologies and diverse professional roles.

The event concluded with discussions among attendees on the implementation of HT4 and its potential impact on the future of accounting education and the accounting profession in Malaysia.