A group of 40 students from FCM’s sekolah angkat, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Seri Kembangan, along with two accompanying teachers, Mdm. Norlaili and Mdm. Norziela, paid a visit to the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) on 23 August 2023. The visit commenced with a warm reception from the dean of the FCM, Ts. Dr. Lim Kok Yoong, who coincidentally is an alumnus of SMK Seri Kembangan. 

Then, the group was guided on a tour of the UNLOCK2023 exhibition at the e-Gallery, followed by a visit to the wall of fame showcasing the achievements of the Diploma in Creative Multimedia programme.

The students also participated in a workshop conducted by our esteemed academicians, Mr. Mohd Ikhwan Mohd Marzuki and Ms. Farzura Azreen Abdul Saip, entitled “Basic 3D Workshop.” During the course, participants were introduced to the techniques of 3D modelling through the use of an application called MagicaVoxel. The top three winners were chosen based on their exceptional artistic merit. These artworks were deemed to be the best among the submissions. 

The winners of the competition were Rizq Hariz and Hew Zihoy Rizky, who secured the first-place position. The second position in the competition was secured by Wai Xing Thong and Loo Jun Thong, and the third place was secured by Muhammad Farish Chai and Mudhalvan Kaneshwaran.

Following the workshop, the students and teachers were given a quick tour of FCM’s labs and studios, including the MOCAP studio, 3D Printing Lab, and Astro Lab. To educate the students about motion capture and 3D printing, Mdm. Rahidah and Ms. Farzura Azreen presented some demos. Before returning to their school, they also get to attend the iCADET Fair at the Sound Stage. It is hoped that the visitors had a wonderful time at FCM and were able to pick up useful information during their visit. The faculty also looks forward to engaging in more productive endeavours in the future.