A total of 250 students participated in an engaging and inspirational talk, ZUS Coffee Business Talk, on 25 August 2023 at the Melaka campus. Jointly organised by the Multimedia University Business Society (MUBS) and ZUS Coffee Malaysia, the talk was conducted by Ms. Phoebe Yew, Project Manager, and key senior personnel in  ZUS Coffee’s COO’s Office. 

With the invigorating theme of #BrewingSuccessAndBrilliance, this event was a true celebration of innovation, transformation, and the art of business strategy. In her talk, the speaker emphasised two crucial aspects: “Innovation and Transformation within Zus Coffee” and “Tips on Pitching and Strategizing a Business.” Participants were treated to a wealth of knowledge as they explored the dynamic world of coffee, entrepreneurship, and the intricate mechanics behind creating a successful brand.

The event served as a platform for bright minds from MMU to come together, exchange ideas, and learn from the industry’s best. The enthusiasm and eagerness displayed by the students were truly remarkable, reflecting their dedication to personal and professional growth. The event facilitated a vibrant exchange of ideas among these bright minds, fostering an atmosphere of learning and growth. The students’ enthusiastic participation underscored their dedication to personal and professional development.