The Faculty of Management (FOM) recently had the privilege of hosting a delegation from Reitaku University, led by Professor Dr. Akihiro Nakamura. The delegation consisted of five students from Reitaku University who came to FOM to engage in academic and cultural exchange.

Dr. Abdullah Al Mamun Sarwar, Deputy Dean of Student Experience and Alumni, and Dr. Hasni Mohd. Hanafi @ Omar, Deputy Dean of Academic & International Relations, extended a warm welcome to our esteemed guests on behalf of the faculty. The visit commenced with a presentation on valuable insights into Malaysia’s IT promotion policies, including the Multimedia Super Corridor, and elaborated on MMU’s pivotal role in advancing IT technology and nurturing IT talent.

As part of the programme, the delegation had the opportunity to explore MMU’s Cyberjaya Campus, providing them with firsthand exposure to the cutting-edge facilities and academic environment. To further enhance mutual understanding between Malaysia and Japan, the students engaged in an informal meeting with FOM students, facilitating cross-cultural exchange.

During the visit, Professor Ts. Dr. Saravanan Muthaiyah and Dr. Bahma Sivasubramaniam from FOM discussed Malaysia’s IT promotion policies and the legal aspects surrounding them. In addition, Professor Dr. Akihiro Nakamura also shared valuable insights into the Japanese economy, enriching the academic discourse.

Following the informative presentations and discussions, the students were treated to a visit to Putrajaya, allowing them to experience the cultural and architectural beauty of the city. This visit not only strengthened academic ties between FOM and Reitaku University but also fostered cultural exchange and friendship between Malaysia and Japan.