The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) orchestrated an interesting event, Merdeka Fashion Week on 30 August 2023. This event was a celebration of our rich cultural diversity and aimed to inspire students to reconnect with their roots by adorning traditional attire. The students wore their traditional outfits with elegance and pride. The sarongs, batik, baju kurungs, cheongsams, sarees, and various traditional outfits painted a picturesque scene of unity in diversity.

The Merdeka Fashion Week served as a meaningful reminder that despite our diverse backgrounds, we are all Malaysians, bound together by a shared love for our country. It was a testament to our commitment to celebrating our cultural heritage and honouring the values that make Malaysia a harmonious and inclusive nation.

In conclusion, it was a day when students proudly showcased their cultural identities, fostering a deeper sense of belonging and appreciation for the beautiful tapestry of Malaysian society. This event will undoubtedly be remembered as a vibrant celebration of our shared heritage and collective vision of a united Malaysia.