The Faculty of Business hosted a compelling Finance Talk titled “Mastering Total Risk Management and The Only Way to Profitable Investor”, recently. The event, organised by the Banking & Finance Department in collaboration with the Bursa Young Investor Club, drew an impressive crowd of over 120 students eager to delve into the world of finance.

The keynote speaker, Mr. Tony Lim, the Managing Director of WCT Worldwide Training PLT, delivered an engaging presentation that resonated with both aspiring investors and finance enthusiasts. Lim shared his extensive expertise, emphasising the pivotal role of total risk management in achieving profitability.

With a mix of real-world examples and interactive discussions, Lim captivated the audience’s attention from the outset. He highlighted the significance of understanding risk as an integral part of investment strategies. He discouraged the allure of quick gains, focusing instead on the importance of patience and informed decision-making.

The Q&A session allowed students to gain deeper insight into various financial concepts. Attendees left the talk equipped with practical knowledge and a renewed enthusiasm for responsible investing.

The event not only showcased the collaborative efforts of the university’s departments and clubs but also left a lasting impression on attendees. Mr. Lim’s expertise underscored the maxim that mastering total risk management is indeed the only path to becoming a profitable investor in today’s complex financial landscape.