The Faculty of Engineering (FOE) organised a Knowledge Transfer Program (KTP) for MySkills Foundation and Baker Hughes Malaysia, recently. The KTP initiative was led by Ir. Dr. Siow Chun Lim and assisted by team members Ir. Dr. Siva Priya, Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gobbi Ramasamy, Dr. Teh Chin Hui, and Dr Ngu Eng Eng. The KTP’s objective is to disseminate knowledge on the above technologies to the volunteers of the two organisations, who in turn will disseminate the knowledge to the current and future students of MySkills Foundation.

Phase I of the KTP involved two workshops; Photovoltaic Technology Fundamental and Electric Vehicle Fundamentals. A hands-on workshop on PV technology was conducted and participants also had an opportunity to visit the FOE Energy lab to observe the research being done on EV battery repurposing and repackaging. In Phase II now, the FOE team is working closely with the volunteers on the curriculum syllabus development. Phase III of the KTP is anticipated to take place in December 2023, where a PV exhibition will be held at the MySkills campus and participated by the foundation’s students.

MySkills currently have a PV system installed on their campus rooftop at Kerling. With the knowledge gained from the workshops, MySkills can now analyse the power generated from the existing system, and plan by themselves for future expansion of the PV system based on their requirement.