A total of 20 MMU students and 9 Korean university students partook in the Gimhae – Malaysia Global Youth Workshop in Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea from 17 July until 31 July 2023. This event was part of the MMU Mobility Outbound Programme together with King Sejong Institute, MMU Melaka, and Gimhae Cultural Foundation with support from Gimhae Cultural City Centre.

The participants engaged and stayed in the Gimhae Hanok Experience Centre (a Korean traditional house) to learn and exchange culture. When the participants arrived in South Korea, they were greeted cordially by the Gimhae Cultural Foundation team at the airport. As a welcome greeting, participants were delighted in the evening with traditional Korean music and a K-pop dance performance.

During the programme, the Korean participants had the opportunity to explore Malaysian traditional clothing, games, songs, and dance. They also learnt about the Malaysian currency, tourist attractions, and cuisine. The program also included Korean language class, traditional games from both countries, learning manners for the Gimhae Jangguncha tea ceremony, learning Buchaechum (Korean traditional fan dance), tasting Korean cuisine, and exploring Gimhae’s history, culture, arts, and tourism spots in nearby cities (Gyeongju and Busan).

The participants also experienced visiting the market to buy ingredients and cook Korean dishes by themselves. The Korean staff evaluated the dishes and the Kimbab team won first place. During the closing ceremony, all participants received certificates of completion from the Gimhae Cultural Foundation. More cultural exchange programmes would be implemented in the near future. Well done!