The Faculty of Management (FOM), in collaboration with the Faculty of Management Society (FOMS) organised its 5th edition of the Ingenious Mind Challenge, a platform dedicated to fostering innovation and nurturing young talent from 15 until 18 May 2023. For this year, the challenge focused on the theme of “Green Technology for a Sustainable Future,” aiming to inspire and empower young minds to create innovative solutions that address pressing environmental challenges.

A total of 32 teams from diverse backgrounds registered, reflecting the immense interest and dedication to finding sustainable solutions among the youth. There are two key components for the challenge: a poster showcase during the preliminary round and a final pitch round. The participants presented their research and project ideas through visually engaging posters, allowing them to showcase their understanding of green technology and its potential applications.

The final round of the challenge witnessed the selected teams presenting their innovative solutions to a panel of esteemed judges and an eager audience. The teams’ pitches demonstrated their technical prowess but also their ability to think critically and proposed feasible green technology initiatives that can positively impact the environment. As a result, Team Warriors won first place, followed by Team TerraVictories and The Achievers. Meanwhile, the Best Presenter Award was clinched by Catherine Goo, from Team Chanranhan Mirae.

Special gratitude to the sponsors, a panel of judges, and student committees for making the Ingenious Mind Challenge an incredible success. As the world grapples with pressing environmental issues, the Ingenious Mind Challenge 2023 comes as a ray of hope, showcasing the determination of the next generation to make a positive impact. By encouraging young minds to explore green technology, this challenge aims to be a catalyst for transformative change and inspire sustainable solutions in diverse sectors. Kudos to FOM and FOMS!