On 23 May 2023, the Faculty of Business (FOB) organised an industrial talk exclusively for the final year students, which was conducted by Mr. John Lau, the Head of Sales at Manulife Insurance Berhad. The talk was titled “Introduction to Insurance Industry and Career Opportunities”, where the talk provided valuable insights into the insurance industry and highlighted the various career prospects available to the students.

A total of 26 students from FOB actively participated in this enlightening event. Mr. Lau commenced the talk by sharing general information about the insurance industry in Malaysia. He provided a comprehensive overview, discussing the fundamental concepts, principles, and functions of the insurance sector. This introductory session allowed the students to gain a solid foundation and a clearer understanding of the industry.

Throughout his presentation, Mr. Lau emphasised the multitude of career opportunities within the insurance industry. He enlightened the students about the diverse roles and responsibilities that exist, ranging from sales and marketing to underwriting, claims management, and risk assessment. By shedding light on these career options, he aimed to encourage the students to consider pursuing a career in the insurance field.

One of the significant highlights of Mr. Lau’s talk was his discussion on the potential for part-time and full-time employment in the insurance sector. He pointed out that students could engage in part-time positions while pursuing their studies, which would not only provide them with valuable work experience but also contribute to their personal and professional growth. Additionally, he elaborated on the benefits of full-time employment in the industry, including job security, competitive remuneration packages, and opportunities for career advancement.

Furthermore, Mr. Lau shared real-life success stories of individuals who started their careers in the insurance industry and have achieved significant accomplishments over time. These anecdotes served as inspirations, demonstrating the vast potential for growth and success in the field. The talk was indeed a valuable event for the final-year students as it provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the insurance industry in Malaysia, enlightened them about the range of career opportunities available, and motivated them to explore the industry as a potential career path. The students left the talk with increased knowledge, valuable insights, and a newfound enthusiasm for the insurance sector.