Faculty of Management Society (FOMS) launched its Golden Lounge, a virtual programme that benefits students’ mental well-being and served as an avenue for providing relaxation and comfort to students, especially when dealing with academic stress. Inspired by the infamous KLIA Golden Lounge, known for its world-class hospitality and travel experience, this programme features FOM academics as panelists and two students as moderators to share their insights on selected interesting and engaging topics.

The first episode carried the theme of “Well-Being”, and the discussion revolved around topics related to 3Cs (calories, coffee, and chocolate) by Ms. Norzarina Md Yatim and Dr. Abdul Aziz Ahmad. The panelists shared their perspectives and knowledge that counting calories can lead to stress and eating disorders as well as the importance of coffee and chocolate in one’s lifestyle. At the end of the events, the audience was also engaged in three rounds of raffles and won cash prizes.